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Because God has blessed me with some degree of talent, I just want to give my best back to Him by encouraging others with music.” --Darrin Charles
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About Darrin Charles
While growing up in a musical family Darrin watched friends and close relatives as they skillfully, carefully placed their fingers over the cords of a guitar. Little did they know that Darrin was meticulously taking notes in his mind. That is, he would map out -through memory -each progression of cords and notes. He would then steal away to himself, get alone with his guitar, and mimic exactly what he observed and heard.

It was in his blood, early in life, to make it to more of a formidable stage! And, it IS in his DNA to write and record original music. So, he did. Rest assured, this spiritually influenced artist has been honing his craft for many years.

Yet he’s never had to bide time ‘busking’ on streets or working as a street busker. But he certainly admires the route these artists take to “make it.”
Darrin can point to several musical influences behind the music he now writes: Jason Mraz, David Gray, Shaday, and Darrin also talks about the incredible influence of classic rock icons -The Beatles, Eagles, other great bands of the seventies, among others. 
About Jason Mraz, “He involves so many styles, like Reggae, even shades of Sade,” says Charles. “I just feast on all that range of styles you find in Jason’s repertoire.”

Darrin also pulls influence from several country artists. If he gets pinned down to name one that stands out over the rest, he will cite Brad Paisley as one to especially admire. “But know this, he is a really under-rated guitarist too,” Darrin proclaims.

Some years ago Darrin helped form a band called Suburban Struggle. Today, you can find them playing at a variety of venues all over Pinellas County. And sometimes, you can catch them a little further away in neighboring regions of Florida. One observer and a local business owner commented, “you can go to places around St. Pete and see Darrin and his guys really rocking out the house.”

"SuperHero Song" Released 
Week of June 20th 2021

A terrific emotional uplifting song dedicated to our SuperHero first responders across the globe. Will be released on  week of June 24th
“What Have I Done?”
Out of  around 1k song submissions  to the 2019 Prestigious International Christian Film and Music Festival in Orlando Florida this song garnered him a "Best Songwriter" Nomination. Darrin tells the potential hit story:
"the members of the band listened to a demo of the song, immediately they were all on board.” It is now slowly building traction 1200 shares and 
330, 000 views on Facebook.

“I’ve always had a heart for single dads,” Darrin claims
“Whatever cause best meets the needs of dads who have to raise children on their own, I want to get behind that particular cause!”
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I usually hang out there and interact almost every day.  
Darrin Charles
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